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SOS Shipping Consultancy

Our dedicated team of shipping and logistics consultants have invested considerably in enhancing and developing our service portfolio to meet the changing transportation and logistics needs of our customers for sea and air freight. Since 1993, SOS Consultants has continually invested in developing its knowledge and capabilities to grow from a small international transport consulting firm into a diverse global transport management and shipping consultancy company offering a comprehensive, "one stop shop" service.

Business Strength

Business Strength

Investing in developing our service portfolio and shipping consultancy capabilities puts SOS Consultants in a strong position to offer an integrated system for our customers to streamline their current procedures in road, sea and air freight and ecommerce. Our current portfolio represents over $20 million in international and domestic transport and ancillary services, which gives you considerable negotiating strength with carriers and other service providers for sea and air freight.

Contact SOS today - Your call for Help – on (03) 9570 1799.

An Independent Approach

Our shipping consultancy services offer an independent approach in evaluating the total supply chain and transport costs of your organisation, in alignment with the service criteria of your customer base. SOS Consultants is able to maximise purchasing power and secure a high level of service commitment from the appropriate service suppliers in the market.

The ability to 'bulk buy' from major international shipping lines enables SOS Consultants to offer clients savings on freight costs with the assurance of regular and reliable service covering in excess of 100 ports worldwide.

National and International Shipping Consultancy

Our logistics consultants work with local and international companies ready and willing to embrace rapid growth and cultural change. Working alongside such proactive companies means our shipping consultancy service can offer you the best options in road, sea and air freight and ecommerce.

We Keep Our Customers Happy

With our proactive approach to developing individual solutions for our customers, it’s no surprise over 90 per cent of our clients have come to us via word of mouth referral.

Our highly experienced customer service team is the largest division of SOS Consultants and we continue to upgrade our customer delivery systems. Our logistics consultants work closely with you to tailor our services to your individual requirements and consistently deliver innovative and cost effective global logistics solutions.

By choosing SOS Consultants as your logistics consultants, you will gain access to the strongest freight forwarding and logistics network worldwide. Our network is backed by extensive resources, along with a commitment to service customers’ needs in road, sea and air freight, ecommerce, 3PL warehousing, which provides cost reductions in their current logistics.

Contact SOS today - your call for help – on (03) 9570 1799.

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