Data Snapshot: Wage Price Index - Holding at Low Altitude


The key points in this report are:


  • Wages are continuing to grow at a benign pace. In the March quarter, the wage price index lifted 0.5%, which was below the consensus and our estimate for growth of 0.6%. The annual pace however, was in line with expectations at 2.3%, unchanged for three consecutive quarters.
  • Wage growth in the quarter was weighed down by soft growth in public sector wages, which rose 0.4%. It was the weakest quarterly rise since the series began in 1997.
  • Private sector wages grew 0.5% in March quarter. On an annual basis, private sector wages picked up from 2.3% in the December quarter to 2.4% in the March quarter. While it remains a soft pace of growth, it was the strongest annual pace since late 2014.
  • Annual wage growth eased in industries which have faced the largest job losses over the past year. These industries include manufacturing, construction and retail.  There were however, industries with a noticeable pick up in wage growth. These included mining, professional scientific & technical services and healthcare & social assistance.
  • As a trend, the unemployment rate has held steady at 5.0% over the past five months, but we are expecting a moderation in labour market conditions. Given this outlook, it would seem unlikely for wage growth to pick up substantially. It suggests inflation will remain low for some time.

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